Monday, March 17, 2014

"Look at this stuff, Isn't it neat..." and "To be or Not to be......"

Two great stories and two great adventures on our first complete Saturday and Sunday in Copenhagen. This past weekend we got the opportunity to check out the famous little mermaid statue in Copenhagen and the castle featured in Hamlet in Helsingor.
One thing we have learned through our adventures travelling before Copenhagen was that travelling teaches you to 'role with the punches' and be easy going. There are many times where you miss a train, go the wrong way and get tired from forgetting to eat or walking all day. Recently, having a baby also teaches you the same things. You really have to go with the flow and work with your baby to do things. You have a lack of sleep, forget to eat and things don't always work out. Now add in travel and a baby and you get this double incredible life lesson on how to go with the flow, be easy going and roll with the punches. That in a nutshell explains our Saturday.

 Saturday we packed our bags and decided that today we were going to check out the famous little mermaid statue and a walking shopping street called Strogut which are both in Copenhagen, Denmark. I still needed a coffee because we have not yet gotten a coffee maker and there was a Tuk Tuk car (which reminded me of the cars we would see in Nepal) selling coffee out the back of it right by the mermaid statue. It was right about Etta's nap so we figured she would nap in the stroller as we walked along the harbour in the sun (and wind... it was VERY windy). However... today was the day that Etta decided to only take 15 min naps at a time only 3 times during the day. This made our Saturday very interesting.

Hiding out of the wind drinking a chai while we calm Etta down. Apparently she hates the wind just like her mom!

Calming her down and trying to come up with a solution so that we can go and take a picture of the little mermaid.

After an hour of sorting out our lil babe we got a picture of the Den lille havfrue (The little mermaid)!!!
The "Den Lille Hayfrue" story is written by Hans Christian Andersen of Denmark. Also in the Disney version when Ariel is on the rock longing for her prince she apparently is sitting the same way as the statue.

After walking around the harbour we went to a restaurant outside of the wind with our lil babe.
Etta sleeping in the stroller at the train station!

Now is it worth it travelling with a baby? Definitely. Especially on the days where everything works out. Perfectly. Sunday was a much different day. We left the house around 11:00 am. Etta again had a very short nap so we were worried that we would have another day similar to the other day. Cam looked at me and said "I don't know if we should even go." Cam is not usually the one to say that so it was my turn to step up to the plate. So... I said "Etta's a baby and some days will be really great and some days not. Maybe today will be an easy day." Sunday, Etta was an allstar. She slept in the stroller (after we rigged up a wind proof/sun proof/distraction proof environment) on 2 separate occasions during the day which made for a happy baby when she was awake!!

Hanging out on the 50 minute train ride from Norreport train station.

On Sunday we took the train up to Helsingor which is home to the famous castle Kronborg. Kronborg is said to be the castle that Shakespeare used in Hamlet.

 Everything about the castle was incredible. It was HUGE and the grounds surrounding the castle were beautiful as it sat on the ocean! Inside they call it a museum but I would call it exploring the castle while learning some very cool history as you go from room to room in the castle.
After you check out the different rooms in the castle you can explore the dungeons. This was very dark and there were lots of tunnels.

Kronborg castle. Perfect for exploration especially for kids. It was so cool, very engaging and lots of places to explore.

Etta's first castle!

On the other side of the water from the castle! Kronborg is the gateway to the Baltic sea.

This was taken in the dungeons where there is also the original statue of the sleeping Danish 'Holger the Dane'. Legend has it that he will wake up if Denmark should ever come into trouble.

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