Wednesday, March 12, 2014


After having lived in 3 different prairie provinces I am now beginning to think that Copenhagen is taking a little bit of each place and making me feel at home by giving me a taste of all my different homes in Canada. Let's start off with Saskatchewan. Just like Saskatchewan, Copenhagen is flat. There is something so beautiful about flat country, the ability to see a beautiful sky and the ease it is to walk/bike around.
Reminds me of the Saskatoon river valley! about 200 people were sitting on the bridge behind us, hanging out with friends and drinking beer or wine. Cam and I are looking forward to a Saturday of drinking beer in the open!
Then I move into Alberta. Alberta is beef country. Copenhagen is very simliar in that they are a meat and potatoes kind of place. However, just like Alberta I see little organic food restaurants, and yoga studios pop up if I open my eyes to the shadows.
Hot dogs are oh so popular in Copenhagen. And only 8$. Which seems expensive but for Copenhagen that's cheap! 

Then we roll past the Rocky Mountains into B.C. and more specifically Vancouver. Just like Vancouver we are right by the beautiful ocean!!
 Behind Etta and I are saunas.
People go nude swimming, especially during the winter and then hang out in the saunas.
There are men and women only swim areas and co-ed swim areas. 

Amagar Beach Park.
Also just like Vancouver there are bikers and this reminds me of the friends back home in Van that are avid bikers and bike makers. Unlike Vancouver, Copenhagen is Flat with no mountains or hills. This makes Copenhagen the ideal spot for commuting throughout the city because the hills in Van can make you sweat. ALOT. 
One of the many bike trailer designs

 A friend back home, Jared, has been telling us everytime we would see him about the biking in Copenhagen. I honestly did not understand properly when he said that biking is very popular in Copenhagen. Well now I understand especially after getting stuck in a bike lane trying to cross the street. Everyone bikes. Young people, old people, babies in back carriers, multiple children in front bucket seats, babies in chariots. Its incredible seeing hundreds of people bike by you in a matter of 5 minutes. It is also incredible seeing well designed bike lanes and a system where people on bikes actually follow the rules of the road and signal properly. It just works and it works REALLY well! 
Across the street you can see a flow of bikers in the bike lane. This is constant.

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