Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flight of the Canadians.....

We have arrived!!! Copenhagen is dark. By dark I mean it is nighttime in Copenhagen. We currently are working on 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. To keep this short and sweet the last 48 hours went like this.
7:00 am Wake up-- clean apartment... with Etta in between cleaning...

...put all our stuff in her bedroom to be stored till we return. This takes about from 7:00 am-5:30 pm (Things are delayed when you have a 7 month old)
5:30 pm Leave for airport- 
Our awesome friend Kate Brown drives us to the airport again.... THANKS KATE!
8:45 pm:  Take off..
11:45 pm: Airline finally shuts out lights and Etta goes to sleep in the cot on the plane after being awake 8 hours. Yikes!
12:45 am: Cam and I sleep for our 3 hours.
3:45 am: Airline decides to turn light on. Etta stays asleep for a good 15 more minutes and then BING! Play time!
4:45 am (1145 am London time): Arrive in London Heathrow. Eat our sandwiches and walk around with Etta's head covered so she has a power nap.
4:10 pm(London time): Depart for Copenhagen.
6:45 pm : Arrive in Copenhagen. Our car seat does not make the trip so we head to are place via taxi without a car seat.
8:30 pm: Arrive at our place!!! Lisbeth, the lab coordinator at the lab Cam is working at, greets us with her daughter Marie. She lets us into our place and has some groceries for us including chocolate!!
10:00 pm-3:00 am: play with Etta, bedtime routine, Etta sleeps for 30 minutes and then we repeat till she stays asleep for the night.
4:00 am (7:00 pm Vancouver time. Her home bedtime): Etta goes asleep for 7 hours.
11:00 am: Wake up and explore!
Our apartment. We are at the ground floor. 
Much needed latte at a really cute hipster cafe near our place.
You can order a hipster latte, geek latte, macho latte, fashion latte, funky latte and green latte.
These are all the same drink which is a double shot latte.
 You just order the one your feeling. 


  1. Check check, comments work? Veronica and I are so amazed you two are still sane. Love your blogs. Almost as good as cams haha. Stay beautiful.

    1. Thanks T-Nove. We are amazed we are still sane as well. Or maybe we are so insane and that's why we are still going!

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