Friday, March 28, 2014

Eat, Drink and Be Merry! (Part 2)

Sunday turned out to be another foodie day. Sunday was the day we decided to try out Smorrebrod. Smorrebrod are the famous open faced sandwiches that the Dane's eat a lot. In fact they have those pretty much at lunch everyday where Cam is working. A co-worker of his recommended Aamans. At Aamans you can eat on the deli side which is cheaper than the restaurant side. Since everything is expensive in Denmark including the 'cheap side' we ate on the deli side.

First Etta had to get ready. I decided to try out some of the 12 month outfits that I had brought. I found out she already fits them!! They were my 'big' outfits so that she could grow into them by the end of the trip. That would decrease the amount of clothes for her I would need to buy here. I brought these outfits because two weeks ago they were huge on her!

After a good 30 minute train and then 30 minute walk we arrive at Aaman's.

The Smorrebrod. We got 4 smorrebrod and shared each one because we wanted to know what each one tasted like. We got a herring, halibut, pork and beef one. My favourite was the beef and Cam's favourite was the halibut. Seeing as about 4 years ago Cam did not even like fish he has come full circle!

This is right before Etta spilled the rubhard juice that we got to share :) The server asked it we wanted another one. We politely declined as it was $9!!!!

In a nice park that we walked through to go home from Aarman's. I loved how all the buildings had different colours and this tree was in the perfect place!

Etta and I having a mother/daughter moment enjoying the epic scenery because in front of me was actually..... A CASTLE!

BAM!!! Walking home from the smorrebrod through this park we come across a.... CASTLE!!! No big deal... just a regular day! In this castle are all the crown jewels in Denmark. For our next weekend in Denmark we have now found another activity. Tour the castle! I have to say that Castles are one of my favourite things to visit.

The way into the castle across the bridge!

Concluding our day exploring Denmark with a Danish in a square in Stroget! There was a street perfomer that we did not stay to watch. Etta was napping and it was time to go home.

I was very excited to have nachos that evening. I was missing home and friends. So cam and I decided to create out own evening out with special nachos!

Unfortunately I burnt them :( But we did manage to have a few!

I feel like I cannot leave Etta out of our food weekend. Besides milk, Etta is now scarfing down mild curried lentils and rice. It honestly tastes so good that I keep stealing spoonful's of her meal.... 

Ending the weekend with a veggie stir fry and wine. Wine is the cheapest thing in Copenhagen. Since being here we have had 3 bottles of wine. This bottle was delicious and only $6.

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