Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Camping with a newborn and a toddler

Just 3 weeks after Julia was born the weather was fantastic. That meant that it was time to take her on her first camping trip. Since we took Etta (our toddler) camping when she was about 5 weeks old, I felt it was not a big deal taking our 3 week old. My motto is take the leap and get out there, enjoy the experience and it will always make the next time easier.We stayed at Paradise Valley Campsite in Squamish, BC. A few things I loved about this campsite was the dense forest surrounding each of the campsites, the flush toilets and the showers. We were also really excited because we had two other families that were going to be camping with us.  We really enjoyed having the kids all play together during the day and having the adult time at night!!

A few things I did not love were the unforeseen obstacles. Read on to hear about our adventures camping with our toddler and newborn.
Inside our tent. Lors of space and the kids each had their own beds!

Obstacle one: 
Our trip almost started out with a Bang.  Not a good bang. Thankfully while Cam was driving the car he noticed the chariot (stroller for the kids) was starting to come off the side of the car. In the nick of time he was able to pull over and adjust the  chariot making it nice and secure.  Obstacle one averted.

Our campsite. .. I left to go get groceries in Squamish while Cam looked after the girls and set up camp. I was pleasantly surprised he was able to set up it all up by the time I arrived.
Obstacle two:
Right after we put Etta to bed the first night a cop came up to our campsite to warn us that they are looking out for a fugitive that was camping at the same campsite!! He had been gone since the morning but there were dogs running around trying to find him and helicopters overhead. We also realized that the campers two sites down from us were NOT even campers. They were policemen staking out his campsite. In the end along with some other campers we figured we were probably in the safest place with all the cops. The guy was long gone and did not come back to the campground. 
Enjoying the campingexperience!
Etta was so excited to have her own sleeping bag. This Deuter sleeping bag grows with your child and can be expeanded as she gets bigger. The bonus  of having it a little smaller is that she does not loose heat in the sleeping bag because it is too big.

Julia testing out her camping bed. She slept well in it so it is fair to say she liked it as well!

Julia in her sleeping bag all bundled up for the cool nighttime air. She wor a long sleeved onesie, 2x sleepers, toque and this warm 'sleeping bag' to bed.

There was no fire ban wnen we went. We enjoyed fire that started with ease becasue the firewood was nice and dry. 

Taking down the tent. We always try to shake out the dirt. Etta decided to hang out in the tent while shaking it out.
Obstacle 3: 
Taking down camp this time was alot trickier than setting up the camp. Cam and I were exhausted because we stayed up too late the night before. Etta was a little bit cranky so we needed to keep her entertained while making sure Julia was also alright. Etta became really happy and quiet when she was playing in the front seat of the car with the other kids while we were packing the car. Now when everything seems to be too easy for comfort you know that something is wrong. Well we paid later... We paid 500$ for that time... A rock was put into our door and made it so that it could not be properly closed. We had to drive home from Squamish straight to Toyota with a door slightly open. Then we were without a car for 4 days and had to pay 500$ to get it fixed.

The gap caused by the rock in the door. 

In Conclusion: 
Even though we had some unforeseen adventures it was great to be back in the outdoors. I cannot wait for our next family adventure.