Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ACE Mangventures

 2013 has marked the beginning of the ACE Adventures and thus it is important to start blogging again. ACE stands for Annika, Cam and Etta and this trio has decided to embark on some pretty epic adventures. To the average person these may not seem that out of the ordinary but add our 6 month old to the mix and even the smallest thing as a 10 hour plane ride will get your adrenaline pump'n. Up to date Etta, our 6 month old, has been camping at 6 weeks old and on a total of 12 airplane rides between 4 trips.

In 3 days we head off to Copenhagen, Denmark for Cam's schooling for 3 months.There we will live as the Danish do and eat danish pastry, rye bread and herring and apparently a really great tasting Hot Dog!!!
Our house in a mode of Chaos as we get organized to go.
This is a representation of all 4 rooms in our house

Somehow it all has to fit in Etta's room......


  1. I think there's a movie about you guys."Babies on a Plane". I think team ACE should try some superfoods by mixing them all together. Pastry dogs, herring danishes, parsley sauce and pork... (Last one might actually be something already) -Rob

    1. That sounds like a great idea Rob. Especially the herring danishes

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  3. Hi guys! It's Tim and Meaghan... we've been following the blog - wow what a trip!!!

    First let me say this 1$ beer tastes good thinking about how much beers are in Denmark. Heck I probably don't even like there dumb euro beer, I'm starting to like that light american crap more and more... Benjamin is 11 weeks old now and as you know from Etta, growing rapidly.

    We had Benjamin out climbing in Skaha (Penticton) on spring break and he's been skiing behind me (Tim) in the chariot regularly. Last weekend we took him up to the grown up crag; I think I'm the only dad passionate enough (or dumb enough?) to haul a crib up to the climbing area! You should have seen the looks on those others climbers faces! Actually I know one other dad that would do something like this and his last name is MANG!!!

    Annika we really enjoy your anecdotes about parenting in general...awesome girl, keep it up!

    We both look forward to the next updates. Stoked to hang in the summer...

    Love Tim, Meaghan, Benjamin and Cedar Mang