Tuesday, April 21, 2015


During my spring break we ended up taking the weekend to head down to Seattle. This is also Etta's first time going to the United States so we got to add another country to her list.
 Part of our trip was to explore Seattle but mostly we wanted to visit our awesome friends Matt and Allison. Cam met Matt when he did a study abroad in Scotland. He later visited Matt where he used to live in New York and then Matt came and danced up a storm at our wedding!! 5 years later him and his girlfriend move 3 hours away to Seattle and we get to reunite with two of the coolest people. Here is some of the highlights in pictures.
Off to Seattle!!!

Some of the 'lighter' traffic during our drive. The 3 hour drive ended up taking 5 hours because of border line ups and traffic. In the 5 hours Etta slept a total of only 40 minutes!!! I could not believe that Etta was content the whole drive. This is the little girl who used to scream on any drive whether it was for 5 minutes or 2 hours when she was under 1 years old. A few things she loved doing in the care? Well for an hour and a half she put on her boots and took them off, another hour was eating fishes, berries etc. and we also spent lots of time singing songs.

At the Seattle aquarium. What a great location and not too expensive (compared to the Vancouver aquarium). Right by the water and really close to the main market area. Etta loved seeing all the fish.

Family picture at the aquarium.

Group photo!!!

Allison and Etta checking out the seals.

A really cool restaurant in the park place market.

This is how we keep Etta entertained at dinner. A glass of water, ice and a big mess.....

Strolling the market and we come across Etta's restaurant!!!

The first Starbucks ever is located in Seattle. The big line prevented me from checking out the inside.