Friday, July 18, 2014

Trailstoke in Revelstoke, BC

The boys are off to a trail race safety briefing that started at 8pm. I am without a fire hanging out in the mountainous area with Etta thankfully fast asleep in the yellow tent. (Cam recently sent me a worried text saying "are you ok" because as he left he heard extreme baby crying as she was fighting being changed before bed.)

To pass some of the time I will give a some background on the race. I picked up the Canadian Running magazine that is their August 31st trail special. In the magazine they describe the new race "to be one of the toughest, steepest races in the world". It is run by the 5 peaks trail running series where you normally do 7-20 km of trail running depending on whether you are doing the sport or the enduro race. 

Why would someone put themselves through 60 km of gruelling up hill mountain climbs? For the amazing views and connecting with some of the most wild places in Canada. Just think of the beautiful landscape these racers will cover in a day of running. 

Good luck tomorrow to my husband Cam and his good friend Ravi!

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