Friday, July 18, 2014

Etta's 4th camping trip: travel day

I thought I would try out posting a few blogs while on Etta's 4th camping trip. I am not sure they will be quite as entertaining  with less thought going into each post but who knows what will happen on this trip. We are currently on our way to Revelstoke, BC which is a 6 1/2 hour drive according to google. Etta and I are tagging along with Cam and Ravi (remember the good friend from "tips for camping while pregnant") as they participate in the trailstoke 60km race in Revelstoke,  BC. Apart from being a 60 km race it also has a total of 10,000 feet elevation.  More on the race tomorrow!

Currently we have been on the road for about 4 hours. We left this morning at 6 am because we know that Etta travels best in the morning. We also thought that by waking her up around 5:15 am she would be tired enough to sleep the first hour or so in the car. After breastfeeding Etta, we plunked her in the car and drove to Hope, BC.  

We tried to make a stop at Starbucks on our way out but we waited about 5 minutes after opening time with little sign we would get coffees anytime soon. This ended up working out well as we headed for a smooth ride all the way to Hope, BC. Etta munched on a cereal cracker that took her about 45 minutes to chomp on and then slept the other 45minutes to complete her nighttime sleep. Hope is a great place to stop once your outside Vancouver. It is a beautiful town surrouded by mountains and a lake. We love stopping at the renowned Blue Moose cafe for organic coffee and delicious baked goods. 

After about a 1 1/2 hour stop, two diaper changes later and a breastfeeding session for good measure we headed off. I played with Etta for a good 20 minutes in the car and fed her some pear. After getting a little grumpy and about 10 minutes of crying while I closed my eyes and meditated to keep my cool she fell asleep again for her morning nap. Hopefully the rest of our travel day goes just as good!

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