Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Our last stop on our backpacking trip is Hamburg, Germany. It is the second largest city in Germany with 1.8 million people. Cam had previously been to Germany twice while this was mine and Etta's first Germany experience. We headed to Hamburg because Cam was attending the HMB conference (Organization for Human Brain Mapping). Since Cam was at the conference most days Etta and I ventured around the city on our own. At the end of each conference day we would meet up with Cam and continue touring the city.

Here are some of the highlights:

Government building, St. Micheal's Church, Fish market and Play Time

It always amazes how all the main attractions are within walking distance in these European cities that have over a million people. Here are a few of the Hamburg sites that we checked out.

Hamburg Rathaus is the government building in Hamburg and it was constructed from 1886-1897.

Here is St. Micheal's Cathedral. It is a Lutheran church and has a tower that is 132 metres tall. The church is absolutely incredible. You can go up to the top of the tower and have a view of Hamburg.

While Cam went to the conference everyday Etta and I toured Hamburg. We had lots of play time as well. Husky dog is still number 1 but she also loves her Pippi doll from Sweden. She especially loves her hair!!!

On our way to the Fish Market we came across a popular beach club. Surrounding the beach club there was actually no beach but just ocean. Once you enter the beach club it is as though you are in some sort of beach scene from The O.C. There was sand, beach huts, couches, a grill in a car and music,  It does not cost to enter the beach club and the drinks and food are not expensive. There was even a section where children could play in the sand with toys.  It was a pleasant find to a scorching hot afternoon.

The Fish Market is very popular in Hamburg. Everyone we met in our travels that had been to Hamburg told us to go out partying on Saturday night until 5 am on Sunday morning and then head on to the fish market for their fish auction. While there you buy some fish to eat from fishermen. We had planned to skip out on the all night party and just head to the fish market. Unfortunately the fish market only happens on Sunday morning!!! We will have to return someday and attend the famous Hamburg Fish Market. \

Pouring Rain, busted wheel and Suicycle:

It was a Sunny Day and Etta and I spent the day touring Hamburg. All of a sudden dark clouds filled the sky and I had flash backs to when we arrived to Hamburg. (See Travelling Mishaps (Part 1.)) Next large rain drops came crashing down and all I could think of was home was a 15 minute walk. I decided to make it a 5 minute run. I buckled Etta into the stroller and put the rain cover on. Then I ran. Thunder was pounding and Etta started crying. Then she started wailing. Suddenly the stroller became difficult to push but I kept running. I was sprinting as fast as I could and 5 minutes later we were safe and sound in our apartment. Cuddles and kisses were given to Etta as I crashed on the couch.

The next day I went to push Etta in the stroller and realized that the wheel was flat. In all the commotion yesterday I popped a tire. That day led us to explore a different part of Hamburg

Below are pictures of Suicycle where we got the tire fixed. A cool mural we saw on our way home from the shop and a stop in a cool coffee shop.


For some reason I fell in love with the architecture in Hamburg. I wanted to include some buildings that stood out to Cam and I while we were there.

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