Sunday, June 1, 2014

Backpacking with a baby

With our time coming to a close in Copenhagen we decide to end our trip with a bang and go for a short backpacking trip to Sweden. We are really excited for this adventure and to take it with Etta. We are living out of two backpacks. Etta and I are sharing the big pack that we borrowed from a co-worker in Copenhagen and Cam is using the ‘school’ backpack. We also decided to take our stroller for Etta’s naps on the go. The stroller also carried our lunches and Etta’s diaper bag.
All our gear!

Etta is on my back. She really does not like her stroller except for a nap. Sometimes we manage 10 minutes with her awake in it.The 'school' backpack is in the stroller.

First stop is Stockholm. The 6 ½ hour train and bus ride, followed by another 1 ½ hours as we try to find our airbnb apartment proved to be a test to our sanity once again. After wandering around and making friends with some Swedes we gained access to a computer and a man calls the number of the place we are staying. A few Swedish words were exchanged and we make it safe and sound to the apartment just down the street.

14 Islands make up the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The word I used to describe Stockholm when walking with Cam and Etta was ‘majestic’. Stockholm is truly the most exciting city that either Cam or I have had the pleasure to visit. I’m sure if Etta could articulate her words better she would agree!
I brought mostly shorts and capris along as it was predicted that it would be 25 degrees. However, rainy and cool days have forced me to wear my lulu lemon leggings way too much. I feel like the Canadian cliché of clothing should not be worn this much in public however comfy they may be. C’est la vie!
Navigating the various islands

From one island overlooking a few other islands

Outside the parliament.

One of the many ships around the harbour. This one was the most majestic.

Day 1:  Exploration, Vasa Ship and Viking Museum

Wow…. Stockholm is incredible.  The first day we just wandered. We wandered over bridges that connect the different parts of Stockholm. As we walked down the streets, Etta was mesmerized by each passing dog and bird. Cam and I, however, were astounded to find that in one direction across a bridge we could see old buildings making up the ‘old town’ or ‘gamla stan’ and across another bridge was just one lonely old building on an island that only houses that building. Then, in front of us we saw another bridge leading to a huge park where the old Vasa ship museum and another castle could be found. The bridges, islands, museums and old buildings pop up everywhere, and left memorable impressions on our brains.

Vasa Museum
There was a huge line up to get into the Vasa museum that took about 30 minutes. The Vasa museum was incredible. The Vasa is an old ship that was built in 1600's. The boat sunk off the shore of Stockholm in 1628. In 1961 they  salvaged the whole ship and it is  now on display in the Vasa museum.
The Vasa!! 

Family picture. It was very dark and hard to take a picture with the ship.

Etta playing on the crow's nest. (not the actual one on the ship)

Etta shooting the canons!

Viking Museum

Off to the Viking museum. Friday it is free to check out the museum so we rushed in before closing.  It’s nice to get in free when you cannot typically spend much time taking in a museum with a baby anyways. This museum had really old artifacts, including Viking swords and runes. 
Ancient viking swords.

An old stone carving.

A model of a viking ship.
We ended our day with appetizers on a boat that was docked in the harbour. It was beautiful and the $30 appetizers were delicious. 
Our small $30 appetizers. They were not kidding when they said Sweden was expensive.

Etta finishing dinner.

Playing outside the restaurant

The end of our first day in Stockholm!

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  1. Looks so exciting, and what a little trooper- etta looks like your little travelling mascot!