Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Othello Tunnels: Almost....

On our way home from Manning park we decided to stop by the Othello Tunnels an easy 3.5 km trail near Hope, BC. 
check out Julia and I in the reflection of the sign! 
This is the second time we have tried to go through the Othello tunnels. The first time was when we were newly weds moving to Vancouver. Cam's parents were with us and they really wanted to take us to the tunnels. Unfortunately we could not find them! Thankfully, this weekened, we had googlee maps and found the tunnels. Unfortunately the tunnels were closed for the season and were not open. We did get to go up to the first tunnel and talk with some construction workers that were working on getting the tunnels ready for the filming of a popular movie called 'planet of the apes'!

I felt it was worthy of writing a post about because these tunnels are exciting for all ages. Remember to bring flashlights to enhance the experience!!!

Cam and Etta outside the first tunnel

Julia and I at the first tunnel

Family selfie near the first tunnel. 3rd times a charm and we will get to explore the tunnels!

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