Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Hiking with a baby

Winter is here!! More so in places like Alberta and Saskatchewan but you can find snow up on the North Shore and Whistler Mountain has opened up early for skiing and snowboarding. I thought I would do a quick post on winter hiking with a baby. Last year we took Etta on this hike. It was a sunny day in Vancouver and not too cold. We headed to the mountains with our gear and found snow to our surprise. It was very cold.

 Luckily we had enough clothing for Etta. I remember talking with a friend and saying how I was worried that I would not make sure I had everything for Etta on trips. My friend responded saying that you will most likely forget the clothing for yourself instead. This is what happened on this hiking trip. I was wearing light leggings and a thin jacket. To top it off I was freezing and grumpy because I thought we were doing a nice fall hike NOT in the snow. We almost left because I was such a grump. Luckily.....

Cam gave me his shorts to cover from the wind and he just wore his long johns. I also wore Etta to hold her heat in. We started on the hike as I huffed carrying Etta. I then realize I was doing what so many people do as soon as it gets cold and turned into a grinch. After a few minutes to myself I sucked up my Grinchy Spirit and looked around. It was a beautiful winter wonderland. It was time to enjoy the surroundings in my over sized shorts and jacket.

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