Friday, October 17, 2014

Hiking with a baby part 3: Lower Falls Trail (Golden Ears Provincial Park)

A great 2.7 km hike/walk along a wide gravel trail. The Lower Falls Trail in Golden Ears Provincial Park is located right near Maple Ridge. We did this trail when we were camping with my parents in Golden Ears.

 A few bonuses are that :
- A toddler could complete this trail or at least walk part of the way.
- Stroller friendly which means you could use it as a trail run with baby!

 Another great feature about this hike is that there is river access about halfway where you can skip rocks. We stopped for lunch and a breastfeeding session. We saw tons of kids throwing rock after rock in the river.
 Talk about Nature's Playgym!

3 generations on the trail!

Enjoying the outdoors!

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