Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tales of a 1 year old Nomad!!!

Today Etta turns 1 year old. I could not leave out this epic event from the blog and thought I would break down Etta's first year by listing all of her firsts. I am continually in awe that Etta became a part of our lives 20 months ago and took her first breath of fresh air 1 year ago.

Etta was born. Etta was no longer surviving in my belly but made it out into the world.

Etta had her first breath of fresh air, her first taste of breast milk, first poop, etc. 

Etta smiled. Etta laughed. Etta said mama mama and dada dada and goo goo ga ga. 

Etta held her head. Sat assisted. Sat by herself. Rolled. Crawled. walked!

Etta ate breastmilk. Ate Purées. Ate chunks. Now can eat by herself.

Etta has seen the Roughriders win the grey cup! (Hopefully this will just be the first time of many more in her life!)

Etta traveled Canada. She went to 4 different provinces and 8 ish cities/towns. Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Squamish, Whistler, Revelstoke (and all the towns in between) and of course Vancouver.

Etta traveled Europe. She went to a total of 6 countries in Europe. Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and England.

Etta has traveled in a carrier, a stroller, a car, a train, a plane and a boat. (21 plane rides (!), many train rides and a few boat rides)

Etta has gone cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and running.

Etta went on a total of 4 camping trips. 3 in tents and one in a rustic Swedish cabin.

Unfortunately Etta had her first tick bite and mosquito bite.

She had her first bruise, scrape, cold, fever, runny nose.

Etta has swam in the tub, the pool, the lake, and two oceans (The Pacific and the Atlantic).

Etta has played on the beach and in the snow.

Etta learnt how to be apart of our family. She supported us and our dreams when Cam ran the 60 km Trailstoke and I went snowboarding and surfing!

And finally Etta has eaten birthday cake...... with sugar!


  1. Hi, any advice for an adventurous mom-to-be on cloth diapers? Not sure if you went that route but I was curious if you had any insight. We are planning on a lot of outside time (hiking, skiing, snowshoeing), overnights and travelling during our baby's first year (due in two months). I was interested in cloth to save money but not sure if it is realistic with a super active lifestyle. I can't really imagine packing around cloth diapers up mountains or hanging on to dirty ones during weekends away. Did you have any experience with this? Thanks, and I love the blog!

    1. Hey Carly! We did do the cloth diaper route until we went overseas. Since we have been back we have also found out the daycare we are putting our daughter in does not do cloth diapers. We are working on that but now have been using disposable.
      For most of our trips to a hotel we used disposables, because as you mentioned, we didn't want to hang on to the dirty diapers for days at a time. Whenever we did hiking, snowshoeing etc. we would use our cloth diapers because whatever you pack in you have to pack out anyways. We also went with the cloth diapering company Happy Baby Cheeks because we have no washer and dryer in our apartment. Primarily convenience and I liked their diapers.We also never had to worry about leaving the baby 'goods' on too long and ruining our own diapers. With these diapers you can just leave everything on and put it in the bin till they pick it up every week.
      Anyways hope that helps! If you find any other tricks with the diapers let me know. Sounds like you have a fun year ahead!!!

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  3. Thanks for the info! I looked into the diaper service and was kind of shocked at the price. $120+ a month for cloth diapers?! Yikes. A few friends have told me me they spend a max of $40-50 / month on disposables. So I can't really imagine paying the service price plus the cost of pampers for when we travel overnight. My big reason to use cloth is money savings so I probably won't pay 3 times the amount for them. I'm glad it's working for you though.