Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Experimenting with Copenhagen (part 1)

Prams outside coffee shops!

Everyday I see more babies outside in Copenhagen then I have ever seen anywhere else in my travels. I have also seen the same amount of men pushing strollers as I see women. The city is so accepting of babies everywhere that you never feel like bringing your baby out is an inconvenience to anyone.

Seeing as it is our last few weeks here we really wanted to enter into the true Danish cosmos of raising a child in Denmark. Cam and I decided that it was time we tried following the Danes and leave a stroller outside the coffee shop..... with Etta sleeping inside. Click here to find out a little bit more how about prams outside coffee shops in Denmark. If you want to read what happened when some Danes left their baby outside a restaurant in New York click here. Please read with an open mind. This is how it went:

"I think we should try leaving Etta outside while we go get our coffee. If we truly want to feel Danish we should do as the Danes do."  I said.

"Are you sure? I guess we could try it." Cam responded

We parked the pram right near a big window near the order area and went in through the front door. The whole time the pram was visible through a big window. Immediately when we get inside Cam says:

"Get me a chai latte. I might go check on her."

"She is alright. We can see her from the window. I'm going to go to the bathroom and you order while keeping an eye on the pram." I respond trying to act all cool.

"Yes you're right. I will stay in here and order." Cam says.

I return from the bathroom and say. "Everything still ok with Etta? Got my mocha and your chai?"

"She seems ok and I got the drinks. Where should we sit?"

"hmmm not sure. Maybe we should check on Etta and then figure it out?" I say.

"Why don't we just drink our drinks outside. We can do this a little longer another day." Cam responds.

That was the end of our experiment. Seems a little silly yes but I can see why the Danes do it. I think it is all apart of their Hygge and they really bring the Hygge into their parenting. A Dane would say, "why shouldn't a parent be able to enjoy a coffee in a nice cosy cafe while their baby naps outside in the fresh air anyways?"

How did I feel? The Canadian in me was worried as I was not used to this concept. However, it was very liberating knowing that your baby was sleeping safe and sound while you watched from inside drinking a cup of coffee. I would try it again with her parked in front of the window where I drink my drink with a baby monitor with me and in her carriage so I can hear her when she wakes up. Maybe we will try yet again another day.

Etta sleeping in the pram. Kaffe slaberas'en is the mom, dad and baby hang out coffee shop in Copenhagen. I always see at least 8 babies either sleeping in prams or hanging out inside this cafe. Kaffe Slaberas'en has delicious coffees and yummy danishes!

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