Friday, April 11, 2014

Copenhagen Daily

I thought I should dedicate a blog post to the everyday Copenhagen life.

What does Cam's week look like?
During the week Cam goes to the University to do what he does in the astronaut world (inside joke with teacher friends). Now don't go thinking he is an astronaut it's just that sometimes it gets confusing what he does but in simple, my language terms, he is a kinesiologist/neurophysiologist that does research primarily for people with spinal cord injuries and stroke. One thing that is pretty cool about being in Denmark is the opportunity to be a part of experiments you would not be able to run in Canada. It seems that the Danish people and Danish research ethics boards are a little bit more inclined to experiment with certain mind-altering anti-psychotic drugs. As I write this, I realize it sounds kind of bad, but don't worry it's all safe! Cam also enjoys Wednesday Cake Club and Friday Breakfast Club with his temporary labmates. He is also starting to create his own smorrebrod sandwiches at lunch, just to fit in (and also because they're delicious!)

What does Annika's week look like?
Etta and I embark on many different adventures during the week, especially since I feel the need to regularly get out of the house. I highly recommend if you are ever moving to a new city, going for an extended trip somewhere or just plain looking for a group of people with similar interests you should look on the meet up website for a group that suits your needs. I joined a group called Copenhagen International Parents meet up group here in Copenhagen. Through this group I go to a few activities a week. For example Etta and I will meet up for coffee with other international parents and their children or go to a song a dance class in English. When we are not meeting up with other international parents or our awesome German neighbours that are students as well here in Copenhagen, Etta and I go explore. With our transit pass we hop on and off buses and trains and then find unique streets to explore.

We play in the grass
This was the first week there. It was such a beautiful week. Etta and I hung out outside near Cam's work in front of this church. A lot of people come to this piece of grass in front of this church and just hang out.

We walk the streets of Copenhagen.
We especially like nice and hot sunny days.  Sometimes we hang out in coffee shops if we have the extra $8 (!) but mostly we walk the streets and check out shops. I do spring for the $1.50 chocolate croissant often. mmmmmmm

We eat food.
A lot of our day surrounds food. Making food, eating food, playing with food. Etta loves food. It always takes her a good few days to adjust to something new because she is a little touchy. However after a few days she is all in and eats like a champ!

We hang out with other babies and moms.
 Etta and I met some moms at a play place. Etta was probably too small for the play centre but really the meet up was not for her but for me. I enjoy the adult conversations I get to have when being around other adults. Etta enjoyed the ball pit the most. 

We enjoy nature baths*. 
Ducks... It was a beautiful day and I really wanted to go for a nature bath with Etta by the ocean. Etta had a different thought in mind for how she wanted to spend the nature bath. As soon as she heard the ducks she protested until I took her out and she got to hang with the ducks. 
We go to the park
Etta loves parks and specifically two things about the parks.
1. She loves the swings. Could stay in the swing forever.
 2. She loves watching the other kids. Etta is a social butterfly and loves being around the action. 
There you have it folks. Regular daily life in Copenhagen for the Mang's.

*See blog post Eat, Drink and Be Merry! (Part 1) for nature bath description

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