Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Packing for a toddler: All Inclusive Trip

I thought I would write a packing list for a toddler if you are leaving for a one week vacation to an all inclusive resort. This is similar to my packing list during other trips but with a 'sun and swim focus'.

- 4 onesies
- 3 sleepers (Keep warm if you have A/C on)
- 4 shorts
- 4 pants
- 7 t-shirts and/or dresses
- 3 long sleeve shirts (A/C rooms and plane ride)
- 1 sweater
- 1-2  U/V swimming suits
- 1-2 Swimming bottoms
- Swim gear (Optional): Puddle jumper, float device with canapy, water wings,
- 2-3 sun hats (to allow them to get wet)
- 1 pair of runners
- 1 pair of sandals (That can also go in water!)

- 1 sleeping blanket
- 2 light blankets (Aden + Anais) Light for naps in the stroller and covering the stroller from sun.
(Make sure that if it's hot to not completely cover to let the air flow.)
- Travel Bed (Optional) : (We brought out tent bed that is only 5 lbs. All Inclusives do not guarantee a crib for your toddler and since ours was so light we decided to bring it along).
- Any necessities for bedtime routine. I included: books and stuffed animals, in toy section of this post)

- 30 diapers (60 if you are worried about diarhea)
- 2 packages of wipes
- Bum Cream (We like healing balm by honest company but your basic zinc and vaseline if you like)
- Changing mat
- Hand Sanitizer
- Baby Soap
- Tooth Brush
- Tooth Paste
- Baby Wash cloths (Optional)

- 2x Advil and/or Tylenol
- Benydryl (You never know about allergic reactions)
- Hydralight (not a medication but a hydration drink in case of diarhea)
- Sunscreen (A whole bottle so you do not run out)
- Thermometer
- Polysporin
- Nose Sucker (great for runny noses!)
- Nail clippers

I am not usually a fan of Etta eating tons of packaged food however we did not know how the buffet would nourish her and decided to bring quite a bit of stuff along.This helped alot as the first 4 days she basically ate only bread, fresh fruit juices and cantaloupe. By the end she started eating other foods.
- 2 packages of granola bars
 (These were great for pre-breakfast. Our daughter likes to eat right away when she wakes up. This made it so we did not have to rush out of the room to the buffet.)
- 7 Smoothie packs
- 5 packaged dinners
- Fishies or crackers (a pack)
- Toddler Cookies (a pack)
- Package (For carry-on on the flight home)
       - 3 packaged dinners
       - 1-2 smoothie packs
       - fishies (handful)
       - 4 cookies
       - 4 crackers
Toys: (Some of these items will go into carry-on)
- 3-4 books
- 2 stuffed animals (We packed Morgan her baby doll and Husk her Husky Dog)
- Stacking cups (Great for both the beach, plane and hotel room)
- 2 packs with a pack of stickers and paper or reusable stickers
- 2 packs with 3 crayons and paper

Carry on Bags, stroller (Optional)and Carrier (Optional):
This is how we packed our carry on bags. It worked very well for us. We did not bring a carrier but some people love this option especially for maneuvering an airport. Some of the stuff was listed above and we chose to put it into our carry on instead. Also I organize certain items in packages within the bags so that I can easily pull out what I need.

-Chicco Liteway Stroller (Checked at the gate)
                 (Borrowed the stroller from a friend. Completely reclines so our daughter could sleep                           while we were our and about)

Bag number 1: (Backpack)
- Husk her husky dog
- 2 books
- stacking cups
- Small bag with a zipper
- 3 small bunnies, a small rooster and a small bird inside the small bag with a zipper
- Fun Packs: (Homemade)
     - 1 pack with a pack of stickers and paper
     - 1 pack with 3 crayons and paper
     - box with foam shapes in it.
Included in Bag number 1 for mom and dad:
- A book for Mom (I actually did get to read during her nap!!!)
- A book for Dad
- Headphones

Bag number 2: (Rolling Carry on) 
Package with
      - 7 diapers
      - package of wipes
      - Bum Cream
      - change of clothes (T-shirt, pants, socks)
      - Dirty clothes bag (For dirty clothes and/or diapers)
Package with
      - Advil
      - medications for mom and dad
Package with (food for lunch, dinner and snacks for family)
      This package is healthier on the trip down then the trip back home unless you are able to hit up a          grocery store in Mexico while at your all inclusive.
       Some food examples:
      - Fruit: Berries, Bananas, Apples
      - Cheese slices
      - Sandwhiches
      - Granola bars
      - packaged dinners
      - smoothie packs
      - fishies (Bag)
      - Cookies (Treats)
Package with
      - 6 napkins
      - 1 spoon
      - 1-2 containers for food

Any other suggestions? Add them in the comments below!

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